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Windows Security Essentials Not Just a Software Program

New window and door technology doesn’t just make windows harder to break into, it makes them harder to forget to lock, minimizing the possibility of crimes of opportunity and helping keep your family and valuables safe.

If you have a Windows-based PC, you might have seen Microsoft’s Windows Security Essentials anti-virus and anti-malware program. In the real world, there are some “windows security essentials” that are now becoming more common in glass windows.

Many homeowners go to great lengths to ensure that their family home has the best security available. While panic rooms are still relatively rare, there are less severe security measures that many homes now rely on. Doors and windows with multipoint locking have become commonplace on high-end residential window and door installations. Features like impact-proof security glass, and reinforced window and door frames make it much harder for a burglar to force entry into a home.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of home burglaries aren’t violent home invasions, but rather, crimes of opportunity, where a homeowner has left a window or a door ajar, and someone simply walks or climbs in.

Home alarm systems can help prevent these types of break-ins by letting a homeowner know when a window or door is open, but they have traditionally relied on wired connections to complex alarm ‘brains’ that require professional, and sometimes costly installation.

Now, thanks to modern battery technology, efficient and compact sensor electronics, and Wi-Fi, newer alarm systems are easier to install, and offer remote monitoring and control for a much lower price point. Some new windows even have ‘smart’ technology integrated into them from the factory, so without a complex alarm system, they can still connect to the outside world. You may have heard or read about ‘the Internet of things.’ Windows are one such product that can be linked to each other and the outside world through wireless technology.

This means that homeowners can now receive an alert whenever a window or door opens – or is left open – on their home, wherever they are. The best locks and strongest glass in the world don’t matter at all if the window is left wide open.

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