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Steel Windows and Doors – Most Popular, Reliable and Energy Efficient Option in Toronto

Steel windows and doors offer a vast range of opportunities for updating the style and appearance of your property. They can give your home an industrial look, historic authenticity or a modern style.

Thanks to their high versatility, metal windows and doors can either replace your original design or refresh and upgrade your property from plastic or old timber windows.

In this buyer’s guide, you’ll find out if custom steel doors and windows are the right choices for you and how to choose the best for your home. We’ll answer all the burning questions to help you make the right decision.


Why choose steel doors and windows

Steel doors and windows fit perfectly with any home, be it a brick and mortar, wood or stone cladding.

One thing you’ll notice right away is that metal-framed doors open up a whole new view of the exterior in the most appealing way. The metal framing isn’t bulky, so they’ll still allow plenty of light to come in, with each panel revealing a new perspective. This provides immediate gratification to any homeowner that opts for steel doors and windows.

Doors themselves will become one of the highlight features of your home rather than just a frame separating you from the outside elements.

On the inside, you’ll notice that steel doors perfectly complement other materials used in your interior design.

Doors are not the only ones that benefit from such a sturdy material. Depending on the dimensions, panelled metal windows, especially carbon steel windows can bring an industrial edge to your home, or even create a period style atmosphere.

Different glazing panel styles are available which gives you full flexibility to design according to your heart’s content. They could be either horizontal or vertical rectangles or even square. They also come in a variety of dimensions giving you plenty of choices.

If a period style isn’t your cup of tea, and you wish to have a modern home, consider more contemporary offerings such as black steel windows and doors. They combine expansive panes of glass with super-slim black metal framing that maximize the light coming in as well as your view.

Steel doors and windows can truly enhance your living, improve your home and increase the value of your property.


When are steel windows and doors the best option

Custom steel doors complement modern, contemporary and classic residential and commercial properties. Our custom steel doors are constructed with strong steel frames to create doors that exceed industry standards and are top of the line in durability for climate and longevity.

The narrow sightlines and minimalistic nature of our carbon steel doors create a lasting first impression.

When it comes to custom steel windows, you can have slender lines and minimal profiles to let the light flood in. Choosing carbon steel windows will complement your modern home design.

Architectural steel windows & doors with thinner metal frames and large expanses of glass used both internally and externally, will give you that timeless, minimalist aesthetic that many modern homeowners desire.

With exceptional workmanship and attention-to-detail, our custom steel doors and windows create a luxury feel to any home.

As with all GEM products, we can create custom steel doors and windows in any size, shape and configuration to suit virtually any application.


Different types of steel windows and doors

Steel windows and doors come in a variety of looks and styles, ranging from factory-style (architectural steel) with a floor-to-ceiling collection of panes, to a modern minimalist look with large glass panes framed by slender lines of black steel.

Steel windows are available in the following types:

  •       In-swing
  •       Out-swing
  •       Awning
  •       Horizontal pivoting
  •       Vertical pivoting
  •       Folding steel windows
  •       Hopper

When it comes to steel doors they come in:

  •       Folding steel doors
  •       Swing doors
  •       Multi-slide doors
  •       Pocket multi-slide
  •       Bi-folding
  •       Pivot configuration


Which material are metal windows and doors made from

For the most part, metal doors and windows are made either from steel or aluminum.

Steel is often the material of choice due to its high strength and security. Another great benefit of steel is its versatility and elegant sightlines.

The elegance of carbon steel is unsurpassed. All custom steel windows at GEM have the slimmest possible sightlines on the market, maximizing the amount of light coming in as well as giving your home a gorgeous appearance.

Custom steel doors and windows are also renowned for their longevity and low maintenance. Robust steel frames will last a lifetime, very often outliving the buildings they are installed into.

If you’re lucky enough to own a period property, you can replicate the historic appearance with new metal doors and windows. However, steel doors and windows can look just as good when they aren’t original to the property, so you can install them on any home regardless if it’s old or new.

Metal doors and windows can also be made from aluminum. This metal is strong and very lightweight. This helps create frames without adding bulk, which lets extra light pass in, and gives your home a more elegant look.

Aluminum also works great for designs that maximize light including both bi-fold and sliding doors.

Finally, you should also consider composite doors and windows that use metal on the outside and wood on the inside. These low maintenance designs bring additional warmth effect to your home interior, as well as added energy efficiency and durability.


Can metal doors and windows be made to measure

The short answer, YES. Metals like steel and aluminum are extremely versatile, meaning they can be cut, shaped and assembled any way you want.

Good companies, that sell custom steel windows and doors, including GEM will provide a fully bespoke service. This means completely custom-made windows and doors installation made to fit your home. This includes a site survey, help with the design, manufacture and installation of your doors and windows.

No matter your design, or if you have an unusual or awkward space, it can all be fitted with metal frames.


What colours do metal frames come in

Metal frames come with a myriad of colour options, ranging from classic black, through greys to standout shades like orange, red or green.

Black steel windows and doors are one of the most popular choices for a modern design.

Metal doors and windows can sometimes also be customized with your preferred colours and shades.

If you need added customization, be on the lookout for a supplier that is also able to colour match your windows and doors, for example to your favourite paint shade.


Do metal doors and windows provide good thermal performance

Custom steel doors and windows are proven to deliver a very high thermal performance.

Well-designed modern steel doors and windows include thermal breaks (aka thermal barriers).

These thermal insulators are a part of the frame which blocks heat from being conducted outside by the metal. This effectively prevents condensation which could leave rooms cold.

Thermal barriers used in steel doors and windows will also stop the metal frames indoors from feeling cold in winter or hot in summer, both of which can affect a room’s ambient temperature.

Together with modern glazing, thermal breaks ensure the high energy efficiency of your home.

High-quality glass units paired with the latest thermal barriers and weatherproofing result in high performing windows and doors that will effectively reduce your energy bills.


Can metal doors be used to divide rooms

Metal doors can be a superb solution for your home interior. Using architectural steel windows & doors internally in addition to exterior doors and windows will give your decor a consistent look and feel. Especially if you choose a neutral metal colour such as black steel windows and doors.

Metal-framed doors and partitions let extra light throughout your home, while at the same time creating that necessary amount of separation and privacy.

Metal/glass dividers are an elegant solution, especially if you like the idea of broken-plan rather than fully open-plan layouts.

Metal-framed glazing can also work perfectly to divide a hallway from the rest of your home. This can allow more light from the front reception room into the passageway, keeping all the benefits of a separate entrance to your home.


Conclusion – Are metal framed doors and windows suitable for your home

Custom steel glazing is an elegant option that suits properties of any style and will look great for years to come.

Architectural steel windows and doors will perfectly complement homes with brick exteriors as well as modern grey or white rendered walls and custom steel windows and doors will give your home the most elegant, unforgettable impression.

If your home currently has dated uPVC doors and windows, Black steel windows and doors can be a much slimmer and more attractive option.

Fitting metal in place of wood, on the other hand, can allow you to avoid the maintenance requirements of timber.

All this makes custom steel doors and windows an exquisite solution for your home too.


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