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Spring Reno Planning Beings Now

January is most people\’s second least-favorite month, but it\’s also a great time to start planning spring renos, which should include new windows.

Ugh. January. As we laboriously trek through our long dark winter into spring, trying to avoid the many perils of a Toronto winter, it’s a great time to start planning for spring renovations. If you’re looking to add value, improve your comfort, and enjoy energy savings, it’s tough to beat new windows. According to, new windows can provide an approximate ROI of 85% when it comes time to sell. In a harsh climate with extreme temperature swings like Toronto, however, the energy savings from new thermal windows can yield additional cost savings, further increasing the return on investment.

Perhaps more importantly, new windows look great, and offer improved usability. They are easier to open, with easier-to-remove screens. They’re easier to clean, since many new windows now feature tilt-in sashes that allow homeowners to reach the outside of their windows without having to climb up on a ladder.

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