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Spartans Windows

Spartans Windows


What is a SPARTAN Window?

The SPARTAN window has been along time coming. The product of an exhaustive search for the right manufacturing partner; building our window the way our customer needs.

The slim crisp line of the SPARTAN window echoes the architectural feel of a wood window, giving more glass area then your traditional vinyl window. We’ve designed the SPARTAN window to capture the great look of traditional windows, with features to enhance the functionality. The added designer hardware combined with futuristic technology makes this window a WINNER!

The SPARTAN advantage

The interior of your windows can change the way your room looks and feel. The SPARTAN window has the options of an elegant wood grain interior that is maintenance free. With 8 wood grains finishes to choose from, we are sure you will find the one to fit your home.

Adding the wood grain interior can make all the difference. But how do you finish the opening from the inside? Drywall return? Wood trim? Take the worry away!Our SPARTAN windows come with the factory finish trim to match your white interior or your wood grain. The SPARTAN Wood Trim comes in a selection of sizes, styles and finish to complete the whole look.

Energy efficiency

SPARTAN Windows, with polyurethane environmentally friendly insulate extrusions; provide twice the R-Factor of competitors vinyl foam filled windows. Combined with quality LoE insulated glass units, these windows will help with the heating and cooling cost.

SPARTAN windows also come with a triple weather strip barrier.This is 50% more then other vinyl windows. The added protection helps against harsh winter weather.

Nothing protects like a SPARTAN!