As the Government begins legislating new safety rules regarding non-corded products it is important to eliminate these dangers in your home and keep everyone safe. For more information on how the government is keeping our family safe.

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Spartan Screen

Spartans Screen


SPARTAN is adding screens; enjoy every moment of the outdoors without the added company of insects. The SPARTAN has made adding screens to your home easy, with no complicated cords and no threshold to trip over. These screens can be installed into new spaces or existing. This retractable screen stops where you want it with no spring back, and has an extensive span for single screens.

Connect your living space indoor to outdoor with this easy to install product. With screen tucks away in a canister that can be easily removed for storage and does not take away from your view when in the closed position.

This new technology in screens is making it easier to enjoy the Canadian Summers to their fullest.