Spartan Lift and Slide


This exclusive SPARTAN brand at GEM Windows & Doors has now added doors and not just your average sliding door but a lift and slide. This all vinyl product is a superior product to the traditional sliding patio doors. The SPARTAN Lift and slide uses a single handle that lifts the sash from the track to provide optimal and effortless gliding motion. The multipoint lock enhances forced-entry resistance and provides optimal air and water tightness.

The large panel allowances can provide you with the maximum view with minimal frame, a two panel door can go as large as 14’ x 10’. With over 40 standard colours to choose from, coordinating this door to your décor vision is easy. 2, 3 and 4 panel configurations are available to maximize you space, both standard and custom sizes available.

Although not a new product to the market this technology is, with the SPARTAN door becoming a leader in the lift and slide category we will be sure to see even more enhancements to options.

Come to our showroom to see and feel the ease of a 14’ x 10’ 2 panel door, you won’t believe the SPARTAN strength.

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