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Spartan Bi-Folding

Spartan Bi-Folding


The Spartan Folding door represents the news offering in GEM’s exclusive SPARTAN product line. These beautiful folding doors offer panoramic views and a great way to seamlessly blend your indoor and outdoor space. This all vinyl door is virtually maintenance-free and all exposed aluminum on head and sill tracks are anodized to prevent corrosion. Security is enhanced with a 3-point locking hardware as well as independent locking systems at every other panel.

A range of premium finishes including real wood veneer means that the steel-reinforced folding vinyl doors offer a real alternative to popular European folding door brands. Made in Canada allows lower price points and some unique features designed for the Canadian Market.

The SPARTAN Folding Door offers an innovative and high performance door solution for residential and commercial applications. This 6-9/16” mechanically assembles all vinyl multi-chamber frame is a standard offering. The full perimeter weather strip around the frame and the sashes ensure optimum air and water tightness.

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