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Setting the Industry Standard for Service to Homeowners

This week we’ve been working on our web site and our web master went on line and grabbed some reviews at random. When the team read the reviews, while they were all very complimentary, we noted that none of the ones chosen were actually for window installations!

Oh, there are lots of great reviews, because we have a great, committed team of experienced and well-trained installers. But this batch was all about people who had come into GEM with a small part from an existing window that needed to be fixed or replaced. It seems that somehow, after going to the box stores and dealing with the blank stares of well-meaning floor workers who really don’t have any significant background in the industry, these desperate people came through our door looking for help. (In fact, some admit that they were sent to GEM by the staff at the box store that knew they didn’t have the expertise to solve their dilemma and, if anyone did, it would be the staff at GEM!)

We always ask homeowners who contacts us looking for windows or doors how they came to our door. Every now and then the answer is something like, “Ten years ago I desperately needed a small part for my patio door. Everywhere I went I was told that the door was too old, and I needed to buy a new door, which they would happily sell to me. This was a recurring story, until I walked into GEM. Jim, one of the owners who handles service personally, looked at the part, explained why it had broken, and then went into the back of the store before returning with a replacement part. If GEM is willing to help someone who wasn’t even a customer, I have complete confidence that they will be there for me when I do purchase my new windows and doors from them. Why would I go anywhere else?”

So, it isn’t really all that surprising to see great reviews about how GEM helped people and where GEM probably lost money by taking the time to listen, research and solve problems. (GEM’s accountants probably would have a fit if they knew how much time every day is spent this way.In fact, this morning I received a call for help from a homeowner who was actually standing next to a floor staff of the box store he was calling from and where he had actually bought his windows!

Think of those specialty stores in your own community that have quietly disappeared because they only time you went there was when the box store couldn’t help you? Happily, that isn’t happening to GEM for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, GEM has a loyal customer base who know that the quality of our work and that our commitment to our customers can’t be matched by the boxes. Second, we have a product mix that meets needs you may have not even realized you had, until you visited the GEM showroom. You will not see a stacking patio door or a commercial quality folding door system at a box store. They use too much floor space and can’t be put on a dolly to be wheeled to the cash register! Third, GEM has tremendous relationships with suppliers and gets great prices to pass on to you.

In fact, our price match guarantee is really something special.I want to explain how the price match guarantee works. You meet with a GEM customer service representative and receive a quote. You tell us that you want time to shop around and compare and we understand that it is a significant purchase where you need to be sure you’re making the best decision. No surprise, you get another company that gives you a lower price. But, is the product quality equal? You bring the quote to GEM and our experienced staff go through it carefully. If the product offered is not of the same high caliber as GEM’s quote, we’ll be able to prove this to you and prevent you from making a mistake with which you’d have to live. Is it possible that you bring in a quote on equivalent product that is lower in price? It doesn’t happen often, but it may occur. The other dealer may have been desperate for work and needed a sale at any price.

So, now for the fun part. GEM’s apples to apples guarantee means we don’t just match the price on an equivalent product (even if it is painful). We further deduct 10% of the difference between the competitor’s quote and the original GEM price! You, the consumer can’t lose. Either you’ll find out that what you thought was a great deal wasn’t, or you’ll get an even better deal…. From GEM!

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