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Retractable Screens

Retractable Screens


The Canadian summer is short, and Canadians have to keep their windows closed up tight for the better part of the year. In the few precious days of the Canadian summer, GEM can help you maximize your view and control your solar gain with retractable screen windows: screens when you want them, and clear unobstructed views and breeze when you don’t.
Retractable screens are the clear choice for customers craving visibility and ventilation. These custom retractable screens can be added to many existing openings on your home. Front doors, sliding doors, and even French doors can get this added feature.

On front doors let the fresh air in without having to add a storm door, it is all tucked away and your stylish door is still the focal point of your home. Don’t want to look out of a screen when your sliding or French doors are closed? By adding a retractable screen you can look out your doors and clearly through.

All GEM screens are UV-proof and come in 11 standard colours. Specialty options include pet-safe screens, gold and bronze sill adaptors, custom colour matching and more.