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Pella Windows

Pella Windows


Why Pella Windows?

Pella is North America’s oldest window and door manufacturer, and has earned a solid reputation and the brand recognition that comes from offering some of the finest windows on the market. Pella manufactures Aluminum Clad/Wood windows that have become a staple to any designer and architect. With 3 series of window lines (Pro-line, Designer, & Architect) choosing the right options, look and quality for your home is easy.

Pella’s window lines offer unrivaled creative freedom when designing a window installation. Their Designer and Architect lines allow homeowners to select the size, shape, grille pattern, frame colour, wood type and even decorative glass design. Pella’s Designer and Architect lines work really well in older homes and more urban neighborhoods. With their delicate profile, they can be installed into an existing frame without upsetting the historical character of an older home.

Pella Windows are Not just Wood

Along with Aluminum Clad and wood windows, Pella Windows offers a line of fiberglass windows. They are slim lines and add a great contemporary look to your home. You get the same great quality of a Pella window without the wood window upkeep. For high-quality windows, Pella is tough to beat.

Pella Windows – Innovation at its finest

Pella offers a variety of innovative products, like window shades, blinds and decorative panels that snap in between two panes of glass,along with a “divided lite” option that uses spacers between the glass to create realistic shadows.

NEW windows are on the move

Pella has gone to the next level using their already top of the line aluminum clad Architect series and giving it a Contemporary look. This new window is taking the market by storm, providing a great alternative to fiberglass and aluminum and keeping with the modern look.

Pella Windows – The perfect partnership

We know from our firsthand experience that Pella stands behind every product it makes. This customer-first business approach is what encouraged GEM Windows to become the first independent Pella showroom and contractor in the GTA. Like GEM Windows, Pella has a lot riding on its reputation. Pella is the oldest window and door maker in North America and GEM is the oldest window and door company in Toronto. Pella and GEM Windows & Doors, both have the same passion for quality products, exceptional service and corporate longevity. The history and focus of two historic companies working together make GEM and Pella a very powerful combination.

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