Patio Doors


Sliding patio doors can provide a great view, practical function and does not take up space. Compared to the traditional French doors these sliding options don’t take up any space in the home. Sliding patio doors can come in 2, 3, or 4 panels allowing you to optimize your opening. Ranging in standard widths and heights and allowing for customized sizing as well, this door can fit most existing openings.

Patio doors also come in different materials to complete your look, choose from Vinyl, Aluminum, and Wood cladded. There is also colour options, glass, mini blinds between the glass, grills, upgraded hardware and security accessories that can make this your door. Patio doors now come in a variety of styles, going from traditional to modern our extensive collection will help you get what you want and need in your home. Let’s not forget that with great LoE glass these door become a great energy efficient product in your home.