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Need Windows? Make Sure You’re Getting the Right Installation.

While the type and brand of windows you choose are important, a quality installation is vital. Here are some questions to ask your installer to ensure you get the best quality final product.

There are no shortage of places in the GTA at which to buy windows, but getting the right hardware is only half the battle; the quality of a window installation is just as important as the brand of windows you select for your home. How do you pick the right installer? Start by doing some basic homework to answer some important questions.

How long has your installer been in the business? If you haven’t been referred by one of their existing customers, do they at least have good reviews on sites like Yelp, HomeStars, or Houzz? If you Google them, what comes up?

Once you’ve done some basic due diligence and are comfortable that the company you’re looking at is not a fly-by-night operation that won’t be there to stand behind their work, call them and have a phone conversation with an actual person. Ask them the following questions;

  • Do they have their own crew, or do they subcontract?
  • How do they handle services issues after an installation is compete?
  • How much time will an installation take, and how many people will be on site?
  • How do they finish out the interior and exterior of the windows after the installation?
  • Do they guarantee their work, and for how long?
  • Can they show you any recent projects, or provide any references with whom you can speak?
  • Do they charge for an estimate?

Getting the answers to these questions will help give you a much clearer understanding of how your window installer operates, and how satisfied other clients have been with their work. Just about anybody can put a window into a frame, but a high-quality installation demands more. Great window installations require that the installer have a thorough understanding of the thermal expansion characteristics of a window frame, that they account for drainage pathways, and that they have the artistic skill and craftsmanship to properly finish the interior and exterior trim.

If you’re not sure about the pedigree of your window installation team, call GEM Windows and Doors. GEM has been earning our excellent reputation as Toronto’s best window installation team for over 55 years, but don’t take our word for it. Check us out on HomeStars, or ask to see some of our work. We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions. Email us at

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