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Modern Front Entry Doors Will Make An Immediate Statement!

Modern Front Entry Doors will make an immediate statement! Your Front Door can truly reflect your personality and set the tone for a visitor. Traditional Entry doors are sharing the spotlight with a host of design forward styles, sourced from around the world! Whether you choose to invest in a classic style door, or opt for a more contemporary or European look, can be very personal decision. Of course, the total architectural ambiance of the front of your home will have a great impact on your choice.

A quality door is a significant investment. Over the last 30 years, many homeowners have chosen to change and upgrade their windows. Often, the front door has been saved during earlier renovations, to be changed a later date. For more and more homeowners, that later date is now and door replacement is a booming business. While insulated steel doors continue to be the volume leader, Fiberglass, as a door skin, is gaining ground. Wood remains popular, particularly for high end doors. Fiberglass panels are now able to rival the look of real wood, offering better weather ability with less maintenance. They are easily stained for a variety of wood looks.

Doors themselves have changed noticeably. New performance standards under NAFS have resulted in the development of higher performing door sills, designed to prevent water penetration under more intense situations.

Hardware options have gone through the roof! Traditional lock sets are sharing the stage with the clean lines offered by lever handles and locks that draw from the commercial appearance that, in the hands of designers and architects, has significantly penetrated the custom home marketplace. New handle hardware can offer a European flair! Multipoint locks are designed to make doors tighter and increase security.

An emphasis on the decorative use of glass can allow designers to create an elegant, modern entry statement. Modest straight lines, either leaded or brass, are a growing trend, combined with bevelled edges, resulting in tremendous, sophisticated curb appeal and value.

GEM’s showroom maintains a wide variety of entry doors. However, there are so many styles now available to us that a homeowner, designer or architect looking for a more imaginative approach should make an appointment where we can bring out a selection of materials offering the styles desired.

The incredible Milcasa Entry Door is brand new in the North American market and offers a revolutionary appearance. It is energy efficient with U-value 0.67 (W/m2K), it is triple sealed to be an extremely tight door. Our R = 5.65 Door slab is 3-1/2″ thick compared to thicknesses under 2” in standard Canadian doors and, with triple glazing, is designed for the coldest thermal requirements.

Pivot doors forgo old fashion hinges in favor of a pivot bar, a few inches from the side of the door. This style is perfect for wider panels because it distributes the door panel’s weight for easier, operating characteristics.

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