GEM winning “ENERGY STAR Regional Retailer of the Year” (Two years in a row!)

As the Government begins legislating new safety rules regarding non-corded products it is important to eliminate these dangers in your home and keep everyone safe. For more information on how the government is keeping our family safe.

GEM winning “ENERGY STAR Regional Retailer of the Year” (Two years in a row!)

“Founded in 1961, Toronto-based GEM Windows & Doors differentiates itself by focusing on ENERGY STAR certified products, providing personalized service and professional installations, featuring innovative energy efficient products. Because of our concern for climate change, GEM maintains a long-term commitment to support the ENERGY STAR program and increase brand awareness of ENERGY STAR in Canada.”
Key 2018 accomplishments include:

  • Development of a unique educational presentation to demonstrate the benefits of better performing, ENERGY STAR certified windows.
  • Assembled one of the largest selection of ENERGY STAR certified window and door lines in Canada with seven listed window manufacturers and three listed door manufacturers.
  • Maintained a highly visible lit digital billboard on The Queensway (a major thoroughfare in western Toronto / eastern Mississauga where traffic is 65,000 to 70,000 vehicles weekly) with a promotion that included the ENERGY STAR logo.
  • Installed a permanent sign promoting ENERGY STAR at the showroom entrance and Increased the use of the ENERY STAR logo throughout the showroom and online.
  • Integrated much of its marketing with the ENERGY STAR message.

“Jim of GEM celebrates our award with the government’s ENERGY STAR team.”

“The Minister of Natural Resources makes an impassioned speech about the importance of the energy star MISSION.”

“Spiros Christopoulos is proud to receive GEM’S ENERGY STAR award.”

“GEM congratulates all our fellow winners for their commitment to energy efficiency and saving our planet!”

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