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GEM Contemporary Windows

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GEM Window brand

What can you say about a window we’re so proud of that we put our own name on it? This is the GEM Contemporary Window line. Consider a premium quality vinyl window. Not the lowest price, but perhaps the best value we can offer. High tech, modern designs, the best hardware components, the glass options that make the most sense for our environment and all the design features you can ask for.

We would be the first to tell you that “all pvc material is created equal”. However, how much is used in wall thicknesses and interior wall construction will be quite different from brand to brand. As well, the quality of the surface is dependent on the quality of the dies used in the production process. It isn’t the quality of the resin that a homeowner needs to be concerned about, but how the resin is processed and into what designs. The GEM Contemporary doesn’t waste material because that increases the cost to you for no benefit. But, it does use extra material where it structurally is of benefit to you.

Let’s review some of the great options available on the GEM Window!

Foam insulation is an optional feature of our GEM brand. Thermal photography shows the benefits over air filled frames and sashes. (See the GEM Window brochure in the brochure section of this web site.)

If you are going to choose triple, don’t waste your hard-earned dollars on inferior narrow sealed units that require expensive krypton gas to be efficient. GEM’s wide 1 3/8” overall thickness sealed units are specially designed to maximize the benefits of argon gas and deliver a great insulation value, comparable to krypton in regular sealed units.

GEM Windows have a variety of Low E options. To meet your requirements. Looking for low solar gain? Looking for extremely low solar gain? Or, go the other way and choose a high solar gain glass. GEM has them all!

You may be perfectly happy with our premium spring-loaded screens in casements and awnings. On the other hand, our industry leading flex-screens are literally setting the window industry on edge!

Warm edge spacers are the key to making your glass condensation resistant and the GEM Window uses only the best, from silicon foam to steel alloy U channels. Get the correct spacer, not just a convenient spacer.

Of course, casements and awnings with triple weather seals, hidden drainage, multipoint locks, nesting handles and everything else you expect in a premium window.

The GEM Window has all the glass options you could ask for, a range of brickmoulds, jamb extensions and shaped windows. It’s the complete package!

Test results that would be out of this world, except they’re not. They’re from products made right here in Canada… the GEM Window! No wonder GEM Aluminum Manufacturing is proud to put its name on this window line, custom made right here in Ontario! Of course, we want you to purchase great ENERGY STAR certified GEM Windows.

Remember, GEM has been in business continually since 1961 and still has the same original phone number! Our name means quality, integrity and an extraordinary level of customer service.

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