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Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass Windows

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GEM is not willing to compromise on looks or performance, and we demand superior comfort and low maintenance for our customers. With Fiberglass windows we can give you all that along with a small environmental footprint.

With superior strength and slim lines, this product is great for Canada’s unpredictable weather. Fiberglass is an insulated product with multiple layers that make it a great insulator, as it will not conduct in the hot and cold. It is structurally naturally superior to vinyl, allowing for narrower profiles. Because of their superior engineering, this product has almost no expansion or contractions under temperature change from thermal cycling, allowing optimal operation for many years. It is a great value, making it an ideal alternative to wood-clad. Its low-maintenance requirement and handsome looks makes it a winner.

Energy efficiency is always an important issue. Fiberglass’s structural strength is a benefit when choosing triple glazing where glass has 50% more weight for framing materials to carry.

Fiberglass is available in custom sizes and is normally purchased with high-quality UV resistant coatings in a host of popular colours including faux wood graining.

Most parts in fiberglass windows are manufacturer through a process known as pultrusion. Lengths of fiberglass strands are bathed in a resin, covered with a fiberglass veil, and pulled through a heated die that hardens the resin. The smooth, rigid window part is then cut to length, coated, and joined with hidden reinforced corner blocks. Once screwed and glued, they form tight, clean, nearly indestructible corners.

Fiberglass works well for both windows and doors. In fact, fiberglass entry doors are one of the most popular choices in Toronto.

There are both positives and some negatives to all materials. Fiberglass is unaffected by contact with water, will not rot or corrode. It is not affected by mould. As noted earlier in this article, compared to other warm alternative materials, Fiberglass is resistant to swelling or shrinking from exposure to heat and cold. This is important for preventing seasonal air or water leaks around the perimeter. Also, as noted its natural strength and rigidity allow structurally superior designs that have better glass to frame ratios, allowing more natural light through a window. This sometimes allows fiberglass windows to qualify for use in commercial situations where traditionally only metal has been allowed.

So, why not fiberglass? Both wood and vinyl are easier to utilize for specialty shapes. Because of fiberglass’s inherent sensitivity to UV, it must be well coated to prevent exposure to sunlight. Fiberglass tends to cost more than a vinyl product with a comparable performance level.

GEM has partnered with the leaders in the Fiberglass industry to provide our customers with options to fit the look and budget that they need.