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Why Fiberglass Entry Doors? Why not?


Fiberglass has given homeowners the opportunity to have a high-end appearance without resorting to wood. Yes, wood provides excellent insulation… when it’s new, but wood can deteriorate over time. The surface of a wood door requires continuous maintenance. We advise that you check the finish of your wood door annually in the fall before winter takes its toll on the finish. If a wood door has a gap, even a small one, in its finish, you should repair the gap to prevent winter moisture from seeping into the wood. Moisture can result in warping, swelling, or rotting of wood. Add the fact that wood doors can fade and be scratched. Makes you wonder why you chose a wood door, doesn’t it?

Historically, homeowners have saved a lot of money and avoided the maintenance nightmare of wood by choosing insulated steel doors. Better quality steel door (not the cheap ones in the box store!) can be quite strong. However, what can be done with the aesthetics of a steel door is limited. Simply put, a steel door panel doesn’t look like a high-end wood door. It looks like….. a steel door panel! Of course, you will curse yourself for that time you had your hands full and tried to give the door a hard bump with your hips, not realizing that your keys were going to be the point of contact with the steel panel. Yes, you guessed it, the panel is now dented. Over time, you are likely to find that your steel door develops numerous scratches and probably some dents that you’ll be able to date to specific incidents.

Like the cavalry arriving at the last minute in that old black and white western, here come fiberglass entry doors! GEM’s fiberglass doors can mimic the look of a high-end wood door. Check out the components that make up the door and frame. The quality is unsurpassed giving them the strength to rival (and sometimes surpass) steel. Of course, fiberglass is such a low conductor that it makes a great insulator. GEM is your distributor of Mastergrain fiberglass doors, which are assembled from the best parts available in the industry. If it is not a Mastergrain, it is not the industry benchmark for quality by which all other fiberglass doors are measured.

Fiberglass entry doors actually do allow you to have your cake and eat it too… as far as owning a new door goes! This modern material continues to grow in popularity. So, the question is what makes fiberglass so special?

Here are a few reasons why so many homeowners choose fiberglass doors:

Fiberglass Doors – Resilience
Fiberglass doors work well in almost any climate, even extreme cold and damp conditions. Unlike wood, fiberglass doors do not warp, crack, or rot. And unlike steel, the doors won’t rust, scratch, or corrode. Fiberglass is built to last and will not require yearly re-finishing to stay in top shape. There is no compromise with fiberglass!

Fiberglass Doors – Adaptability
Fiberglass doors come in a variety of sizes, styles, and finishes. They can be can custom built to fit your opening with a wide variety of factory finishes to match your flair for design and personal taste. Or, choose factory-primed doors that you can stain or paint on your own.

Fiberglass Doors – Appearance
If you want the appearance of real wood without the maintenance of a wood door, fiberglass doors look just like real wood and only the closest inspection would show that they are not wood. They are stylish and sophisticated, allowing you to make the best first impression possible to anyone visiting your home.

Fiberglass Doors – Insulation
As stated earlier in this article, fiberglass entry doors are great insulators and these doors reduce heat transfer and can improve energy efficiency. This can make a big difference in your energy bills as well as improve comfort by helping to maintain an agreeable indoor temperature.

Fiberglass Doors – Security
Fiberglass doors are well designed. Manufacturers can fit them with secure, multipoint locks. They are designed to deter criminals so you can feel safe inside your home.

Fiberglass Doors – Warranty
Because GEM’s Mastergrain Fiberglass Entry Doors are made from the highest quality materials and designs, they come with a warranty to back them up. Strong warranties are one reason why so many people choose to upgrade to fiberglass entry doors.

Fiberglass Doors – Reparability
Remember that dent you got on your car’s bumper a few years ago? Probably not, because it was so easy to repair. Your fiberglass car body parts have much in common with the materials used in your fiberglass entry door. The door can also be repaired with similar technologies.

Are there any disadvantages to fiberglass entry doors? There are some drawbacks that come with fiberglass doors, including:

Fiberglass Doors – Price
While certainly not as expensive as oak or mahogany entry doors, fiberglass doors cost more than builder grade wood and steel doors. That being said, they are also more cost-effective because they last longer and require less costly maintenance.

Fiberglass Doors – Sizing
Don’t let anyone tell you that it is almost impossible to trim down a fiberglass door to fit an opening that is small. It is easier to customize height than width. With width, hardware requirements can limit how much a door panel can be customized. Mastergrain builds custom size doors individually, giving them an edge on manufacturers who don’t want you to know the degree of sophisticated customization they offer.

Fiberglass Doors – Fitting
Standard wood doors are relatively easy to assemble yourself. In some cases, you simply purchase the door, remove the old one, and fit the new one into the existing frame. But fiberglass doors come as a full unit. That means installation is best left to professional installers.

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