As the Government begins legislating new safety rules regarding non-corded products it is important to eliminate these dangers in your home and keep everyone safe. For more information on how the government is keeping our family safe.

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Q. Energy efficiency is my number one priority. How can GEM Windows & Doors help me out?

A. You’ve come to the right place, because energy efficiency is very important to us, too. We’ve selected the windows and doors we carry not only based on their Energy Star ratings but on the quality of their workmanship—a window can come out of the manufacturing plant Energy Star certified but if it deteriorates quickly, its long-term environmental value is definitely compromised.

But another important consideration in energy efficiency is installation—you can order the most “green” windows money can buy and they’ll be next-to-worthless if not installed properly. GEM Windows & Doors has specialized installers that provide exceptional installations on all our products. A proper installation can make all the difference in ensuring you maximize the energy efficiency of your home.

Q. What kind of warranty does GEM Windows & Doors offer?

A. We offer a comprehensive 5 year warranty on labour plus the individual manufacturer’s warranty, which can vary from 1 year to a fully transferable lifetime warranty. For more information on our warranties please contact our office.

Q. Is GEM Windows & Doors a member of the Better Business Bureau?

A. Yes, GEM Windows & Doors is a Better Business Bureau accredited company, which means we’re committed to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints. We pay a fee for accreditation review and monitoring and to support BBB public services.

Q. If I have GEM Windows & Doors do work on my home, am I eligible for any government tax rebates or grants?

A. Government programs for home renovations and energy efficiency retrofits are occasionally available and our staff stay up-to-date on any programs that will save you money. We can also help you fill out any necessary paperwork or provide any required documentation. Speak to your GEM salesperson for more information about available programs.

Q. Does GEM Windows & Doors carry clearance windows?

A. Yes, GEM Windows & Doors has a selection of showroom models, and miss measured windows that are available through our ‘Grab N’ Go’ program. These windows are great for new builds or for retrofits where you have flexibility with your window size. We also carry doors, patio doors and storm doors, so come ready with your sizes and we will do our best to find a solution.

Q. Does GEM Windows & Doors have a price-matching program?

A. At GEM Windows & Doors, we go a step further than price matching—we’ll beat any price you receive from another window and door company on a comparable job plus 10% of the difference. All you need to do is bring in a written copy of the quote you received. We’ll decide if it’s for a comparable product and service and, if it is, you can pocket the savings.

Q. Once I’ve signed a contract, how soon can my new window or door be installed?

A. We do our best to complete our installation within your ideal time frame and are committed to providing realistic time estimates and keeping you updated as to manufacturing and installation schedules. Once you’ve signed a contract, we’ll send a measuring crew to your home to get the exact dimensions of the window or door you’re purchasing. Then we place your order with the manufacturer.

The time of year is also a factor in the lead times of product and can effect your installation. Generally, from final measure to installation can be 6 to 8 weeks, during busy times or if international products are ordered then 8 to 10 weeks. These are guidelines, speak to your representative to get more accurate lead times based on your product choices.

Q. Does GEM Windows & Doors use subcontractors?

A. GEM employees install all the windows and doors we sell—it’s a point of pride for us, since many of our employees have been with us for more than a decade. We use subcontractors for specialty installs, such as custom shutters, to ensure that you’re getting superior installation from people who are experts in their field. We choose our subcontractors carefully and monitor their work. In keeping with our customer-first philosophy, if you experience any problems with a subcontractor’s work, simply let us know and we’ll take of it.

Q. Who will service my windows or doors if I have problems with the product or its installation?

A. At GEM Windows & Doors, we look after our existing customers with as much courtesy and care as our new customers. If you experience a problem with your windows or doors, simply call us and we’ll rectify the situation as quickly as possible. And because we’ve been in business since 1961, you can rest assured that we’ll be around as long as you own your home, ready to take care of issues as they may arise in the future.

Q. What maintenance do I need to perform on my GEM windows or doors?

A. Keeping your windows and doors in tip-top-shape is not hard to do, many of our products are made with minimal maintenance required. Check out our Care & Maintenance page for more details.

Q. There are so many technical terms used in the windows and doors business. How can I be sure I know I’m making the right choice?

A. From argon gas to wind load, the world of windows and doors is full of complicated terminology. We’ve put together a pretty comprehensive glossary of terms to help you figure out what the websites and product brochures are talking about. But the best way to cut through the techno-babble is to come into the GEM Windows & Doors showroom and speak with one of our salespeople. We’re happy to answer all of your questions and clarify what is meant by the technical terms used in the industry so that you can feel confident that your choice is the right one for your needs.

Q. Who owns GEM Windows & Doors?

A. GEM Windows & Doors is a family-owned business that has been serving Toronto and the surrounding Golden Horseshoe area since 1961. We’re Toronto’s oldest windows and doors company and darn proud of it! For more information on the company’s history, check out the Our History page.

Q. I’m looking for some interior shutters to complement my new windows. Do you carry these?

A. GEM Windows & Doors carries a full line of window and door coverings including blinds, shades and shutters. We do it all for you, from measuring and ordering to installation. For more information, check out our Window Coverings pages. For something a little unique, we can produce your windows with blinds inside the sealed glass unit. Speak with a GEM salesperson for more information about this option or take a look at our internal blinds page.

Q. I don’t like the look of window screens. What are my options?

A: GEM Windows & Doors carries unique window products with retractable screens so that you can create an unobstructed view for those times when you don’t require ventilation. Options are provided for both window and door applications. For something truly great check out our SPARTAN Screens.

Q. Can you provide me with any customer references?

A. Absolutely. We would be happy to find jobs in your area that have the products you are looking for. We also encourage you to check Homestars where many of our customers have taken the time to tell us about their experience.