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Entry Doors

Entry Doors


When should you consider replacing your Entry door?

The obvious answer is ‘it’s time for a new look’. Front Entry doors can really change the look and feel of your home with minimal disruption.

Another reason to replace your Entry Door is a function; is the door sticking? Or not closing properly? Are their holes, cracks or rotting? If you answered YES to any of these it is time to consider changing your door.

Drafts in your home can cost a lot against your utility bill, changing your doors can help with that old and inefficient doors can be a major contributor to heat loss in a home. Investing in a new, durable, draft-free entrance door for your home can reduce your heating and stop drafts in the long run, especially in Toronto where we experience extreme cold winter.

Now that you are ready to start looking for a door visit our showroom (insert address) and one of our knowledgeable consultants will walk you through your options.

How to choose the right door for you?

Step #1 – Materials

You will have many options to choose from, each material has its pros, cons and looks that will help you get that overall feel in your home.

Here are the options and some information to help you narrow down your choices:

Wood Entrance Door

Pros – Wood is probably the most traditional material. It has a warm, natural-looking that fits any house or building. It can be painted or stained in any colour to match your home. Wood doors can also be cladded with Aluminum to give a modern feel out with a classic wood feel in. Frames can also be a combination of material to tie into the overall design of the home using wood, aluminum-clad, aluminum and composite.

Cons – Since the exterior doors are exposed to weather there is maintenance that needs to be done on the door to preserve the integrity, such as a clear coat of stain every 2-3 years. Wood doors also require multipoint lock systems to avoid any bowing in the slab, this can be a costly add on to the price of the door.

Average price – $$$$$

Steel Entrance Door

Pros – Steel doors are the most commonly used doors. They are durable, versatile and cost-effective. They can be painted in a variety of colours, and come with frame choices. These doors have a smooth finish that can provide a modern or traditional look to any home.

Cons – Steel entrance doors don’t feel natural like wooden or fiberglass doors and might look a bit plain if no glass is used. Steel doors also tend to have a ‘light’ feel to them when opening and closing the door.

Average price – $$

Fiberglass Entrance Door

Pros – Fiberglass entry doors are on the rise to be the most popular type of exterior door used in Toronto. They have the look of the wooden doors but they don’t have the maintenance and cost that goes with it. Most importantly, fiberglass doors are less likely to be affected by the humid weather conditions so they do not bend nor twist (perfect for Toronto weather).

Cons – Fiberglass doors do not dent easily like steel doors, but they are difficult to repair without compromising the look of the door. Many door manufactures will not warranty the integrity of the door without adding the multipoint lock, a costly add on.

Average price – $$$

Aluminum Entrance Door

Pros – Aluminum exterior doors are increasing in popularity as new homes are going for a more contemporary look with maximum glass. Aluminum entry doors are thermally broken to allow for good insulation properties and can be done in larger sizes; while other doors (steel & fiberglass) cannot be higher than 8ft. Aluminum doors also come in a variety of anodized finishes that are long-lasting, while also providing a large selection of custom painted finished, all UV protected and weather-resistant.

Aluminum entrance doors can be used in multiple applications, homes, storefronts, industrial buildings, or interior offices and vestibules.

Cons – Aluminum anodized finishes can be scratched easily but repaired. These doors can also look ‘industrial’ depending on the combination of glass and hardware.

Average price – $$$$

Step #2 – The Design

Once you have chosen your material it is now time to focus on the design, in our GEM Windows and Doors showroom we showcase a wide section of choices and catalogues to help create your dream front door. Here are some options to consider when choosing the right look for your home:

Solid Doors – These doors have no glass and can come in many styles. Stamped doors are the most common you can choose from a selection of stamped patterns from classic to modern. Executive panels protrude from the door giving the pattern a more dramatic look. The newest trend in solid doors is CnC designs where lines are grooved into the door providing a clean shadow line; add a little extra by having metal inlays to create a modern effect.

Glass Lites – GEM Windows’s works with the best glass suppliers that provide great designs, with over 200 options it can be overwhelming. Narrowing down those options is our specialty visit, with one of our representatives in the showroom to get help. Decorative glass, this option allows you to go from modern straight lines to colour glass and patterned camming, knowing the look you are going for will help to narrow down the field. Textured glass, is an elegant option that comes in a variety of privacy levels, allowing for the perfect balance of light and discretion. Wrought iron, this classic glass adds bold design and prestige look to any grand entrance.

Step #3 – Configurations

Now you know the material, and the design but how are we going to fill in that entrance. Adding a side lite or transom is a great way to add more light to space and give a large opening a face-lift. Choose a sidelite to have a wider space, while a transom gives you that much-needed height. The direct glaze will provide you with maximum glass removing added framing around the glass. Panelled sidelites come in ½, ⅔ and full glass options in textured, decorative and clear to match all the stamped and executive panel door lites.

These steps help you choose your door, but WHY choose GEM Windows & Doors?

Gem Windows & Doors only work with the most reliable manufacturers and brands. We have served over 13,000 customers and in business for 56 years and counting.

We carry over 1000+ different styles of entry doors to choose from; Traditional, modern and contemporary. We also have our own in-house installation teams. We are your one-stop Windows and Doors specialty store in Toronto.

Request a free quote here or call us directly at 416.533.4331. Our working hours are Monday to Thursday from 09:00am to 06:00pm, Fridays from 09:00am to 05:00pm, and Saturdays from 09:30am to 04:00pm. We are closed on Sundays.

A well-selected exterior entry door makes a powerful statement about your home…and you. Options abound, starting with a decision between the affordable high performance of a steel entry door or the superior look and durability of a fiberglass entry door. Then there’s options in glass, grilles, caming, panels, door height, hardware, sidelites, transoms…and let’s not forget energy efficiency.

At GEM, we know your front entry door decision can be a tough one. We have selected our entry door manufacturers for their quality, warranties, service and proximity to our customers; but not every door will suit every customer. Our custom front doors come in a variety of styles to choose from including traditional entry doors or contemporary front entrance doors.

Our showroom is a great way to get an idea of your options and get a feel for the different door types. We showcase single entry doors and entry doors with sidelites configurations to show you your options.

Along with the options to choose from there are also the sizes to consider. Ever thought of eliminating that sidelight and opening up your space with a 42” door, it is now possible. At GEM our experienced sales team help you choose the best sizes to fit your home. Don’t have the opening for a bigger door, our installation team can open the space and make that standard door into a tall 8’ door.

Steel Doors

Steel doors are a durable and cost-effective way to add pop to your home. This polyurethane filled steel allows for many slab designs and glass options. The steel door offers a smooth finish that can be painted any colour of the rainbow, allowing for endless options, combinations and opportunities to get you the door you want.

Fiberglass Doors

Want wood without the maintenance? The fiberglass door is the right choice for you, this grain finished door can be painted or stained to give you a ‘wood’ look. From modern to traditional these door options can give the needed class to any home. Did we mention that it is MADE IN CANADA!! Our Mastergrain slabs offers great features including top to bottom reinforcements to prevent bowing and warping.
Mastergrain is also offering a NEW Smooth Fiberglass, this painted smooth door give the traditional fiberglass grain a facelift and provides deeper embossments for a bolder look.

Wood Doors

Wood doors are always a classic giving that authentic wood grain. Combining the right glass can make this a showstopper on your home. With wood the customization can be endless. This solid wood door can make any entrance grand.

An alternative can also include Aluminum Clad doors that provide the classic wood in the interior with the maintenance free look on the exterior. Available is a large variety of colour and styles (contemporary and traditional).


All the door types can be combined with glass inserts ranging from simple clear glass to ornate wrought iron. We also have suppliers that will work with you and create a custom glass piece that truly showcases who you are.

Hardware is also a choice you will need to make, we offer a selection of high quality hardware sets that can complete the any look. Also offered is a multipoint locking system this allows that extra security and peace of mind.

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