BiFold Doors

As the Government begins legislating new safety rules regarding non-corded products it is important to eliminate these dangers in your home and keep everyone safe. For more information on how the government is keeping our family safe.

BiFold Doors

Opening the inside of your home with the outside environment is on the wish list for an increasing number of homeowners who appreciate the benefits of utilizing their outside space as an extension of their home, in season.

Let’s start by considering your bi-fold in winter months. Your highly efficient glass wall is designed to keep heat in and cold out. The large glass area maximizes daylight, for a healthier environment in dark winter months. When you need to let your pet outside, you’ll have a built-in hinged swing door as an end panel, letting in minimal cold air as it is able to be closed quickly. Now let’s skip forward to the benefits of your bi-folding door in summer. It’s a beautiful weekend afternoon and the family is looking forward to an outdoor meal on the patio. Of course, in the normal course of dining, there will be plenty of going back and forth from the outside dining table to the kitchen. Maybe for seconds, maybe to refresh a drink, but it always seems to be that someone is going in and out. You could be waiting your turn to go through a typical size door, but no need with your bi-fold door. Your bi-fold door will be open, with all its panels pushed to one side, making your patio an extension of your home! Yes, bi-fold doors can do that!

Your bi-folding door puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to how you relate to your environment. You can manage your living space, including airflow and how your family and guests will move between the inside of your home and your outside living space. Its like having two different homes, but in one! Architects and designers love this concept because it removes some of the limitations created with a static wall of glass.

Sliding and stacking doors utilize multiple tracks, while our bi-fold door closes onto one track. Why should you care? Where the panels in a door with multiple tracks overlaps, there have to be numerous seals to bridge the gap between the two panels. With a bi-fold door, when it is closed, all the panels are located on a single plane, pressured against each other, eliminating potential air infiltration points of weakness between panels.

Bi-fold are coated with a high-tech surface in a variety of designer colours to meet your needs. The clean look of the vertical members is narrow and unobtrusive as is the hinging between panels. A variety of hardware finishes are available. Your thermal glass is, of course, tempered for safety. Your bi-fold can be in-wing or out-swing and sill options are available to meet your weather exposure situation. Concealed multi-point locking is a great security feature. Both ‘top hung’ and floor support models are available.

Ask about screen options but definitely consider our amazing retractable screen. A bi-fold and a retractable screen is a marriage made in heaven!

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