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Outdoor Entertaining without the Bugs

Ontario summers are short. If you’re not still wearing a jacket and long pants on the May-2-4 weekend, it can come as a surprise, and by mid-September, outside temperatures are typically back down in the realm of discomfort, at least as far as outdoor dining is concerned. While not all of us have the time [...]

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Why Gem Windows & Doors

1961. Elvis was on top of the charts, John F. Kennedy becomes the youngest US President and Russia launches Sputnik into outer space. Back at home, John Christopoulos starts GEM Windows, to provide high-quality windows and doors to Toronto homeowners and builders. In an industry of fly-by-night businesses, GEM has a well-earned reputation as Toronto’s [...]

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Need Windows? Make Sure You’re Getting the Right Installation.

While the type and brand of windows you choose are important, a quality installation is vital. Here are some questions to ask your installer to ensure you get the best quality final product. There are no shortage of places in the GTA at which to buy windows, but getting the right hardware is only half [...]

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Windows Security Essentials Not Just a Software Program

New window and door technology doesn't just make windows harder to break into, it makes them harder to forget to lock, minimizing the possibility of crimes of opportunity and helping keep your family and valuables safe. If you have a Windows-based PC, you might have seen Microsoft's Windows Security Essentials anti-virus and anti-malware program. In [...]

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In Window Fashions, the “New” Black is…

Today, white vinyl windows have become the go-to product for most residential window installations, but fashion-forward consumers have started demanding a more modern look from these utilitarian windows. Luckily, GEM Windows & Doors offers a solution. Fashion is always evolving; from the wool pea coats of the 1880s to the tie-dyed t-shirts of the ‘60s [...]

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How to Fix Window Condensation

You may have noticed that some of your windows have started to look like a cool can of Coors Light on a hot day, covered in fog or even beads of condensation. You may be wondering what causes this, and what you can do to prevent it. Here\'s how... The time has come; winter has [...]

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A Bad Window Install Will Cost You Money Now and Later

With shoddy window and door installations, there are several major problems that can cost you money now, prevent you from being comfortable in your home, and be enormous potential liabilities down the road. Avoid these problems by ensuring your window installation is good. Mike Holmes has made a career out of pointing out shoddy renovation [...]

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Spring Reno Planning Beings Now

January is most people\'s second least-favorite month, but it\'s also a great time to start planning spring renos, which should include new windows. Ugh. January. As we laboriously trek through our long dark winter into spring, trying to avoid the many perils of a Toronto winter, it’s a great time to start planning for spring [...]

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