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The Discount Game

The no-discount discount The other day, a sales consultant walked into my office, closed the door and said he needed my help to close a sale. I had seen him sitting in one of our meeting spaces, with a homeowner, for quite a while. The help was simple and not unusual. The homeowner was insisting [...]

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Henry Ford said, “Give them any color they want… as long as it’s black.” OK, Henry was a production-oriented person who revolutionized auto manufacturing and not a marketing man! In the 1980s, one could say about the same thing in regard to vinyl windows, except that it would be any colour they want… as long [...]

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Installation – The key to a better window

It is far too easy to buy and pay for a great window and not achieve the results you expect or desire. We have already talked about steps to assure yourself of getting a good installation team, so this blog will focus on the tech side of the installation and not the who did the [...]

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Modern Front Entry Doors Will Make An Immediate Statement!

Modern Front Entry Doors will make an immediate statement! Your Front Door can truly reflect your personality and set the tone for a visitor. Traditional Entry doors are sharing the spotlight with a host of design forward styles, sourced from around the world! Whether you choose to invest in a classic style door, or opt [...]

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It must be true…. I read it online!

More and more people are using the internet as a primary source of news and information. I’m sure that anyone reading this blog is aware of the issue of “fake” news online to try to influence the last USA presidential election. Did you hear the true story of the man who showed up at a [...]

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Signs You Need New Windows

Urban myth or truth? Once upon a time there was a transmission company that advertised heavily that they would do a free transmission inspection if you brought your car in. That much is true. The urban myth is that if they thought you could afford to pay to have your transmission rebuilt, you would certainly [...]

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Repurposing Old Windows

A few years ago, I provided windows for a beautiful gothic church with lots of wood cathedral windows that needed to be replaced. These old windows were no longer structurally sound enough to remain in place. It occurred to me that the old windows were likely to end up in a garbage bin. This [...]

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Glass Options

The question is, how can the same window qualify for ENERGY STAR “Most Efficient” for your igloo in Nunavik and not meet the building code in Toronto? The answer is… the choice of glass is different.Yes, this was a trick question. In fact, when you use a different glass in a window, even if everything [...]

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Issue resolution – A Primer!

You may ask yourself, what does this topic have to do with windows and doors? The answer is that it has as much to do with windows and doors as it has to do with TVs, cars, sailboats, houses… In other words, it is a critical issue for virtually every purchase interaction you may have. [...]

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Codes and Standards

The last thing a homeowner wants is to be visited by a building inspector after a renovation or addition to find out that the recently completed work required a building permit or that some of the products used did not meet building code requirements. “But I didn’t require a permit”, you say, and you may [...]

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