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Aluminum Doors – Bi-fold, Lift and Slide, Regular Sliding and Stacking

In the 1980s, replacing aluminum with other materials such as PVC (vinyl) and fiberglass was the wave of the immediate future. It seemed to be obvious that aluminum doors were products of the past. After all, vinyl and fiberglass were warmer and less conductive of heat, making them easier to use to achieve great thermal [...]

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GEM winning “ENERGY STAR Regional Retailer of the Year” (Two years in a row!)

“Founded in 1961, Toronto-based GEM Windows & Doors differentiates itself by focusing on ENERGY STAR certified products, providing personalized service and professional installations, featuring innovative energy efficient products. Because of our concern for climate change, GEM maintains a long-term commitment to support the ENERGY STAR program and increase brand awareness of ENERGY STAR in Canada." [...]

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BiFold Doors

Opening the inside of your home with the outside environment is on the wish list for an increasing number of homeowners who appreciate the benefits of utilizing their outside space as an extension of their home, in season. Let’s start by considering your bi-fold in winter months. Your highly efficient glass wall is designed to [...]

2019-05-16T10:56:12+00:00 May 15th, 2019|

Lift and Slide Doors

Today’s homeowners are designing and building homes with larger openings for doors. These openings offer panoramic views, quality natural light to the interior and create spaces that blend the inside and outside seamlessly. As a result, Lift and Slide doors that offer ease of operation, energy efficiency and lock tight are becoming a ‘go-to’ door [...]

2019-03-26T16:45:38+00:00 March 26th, 2019|

Sound pollution and how to eliminate it!

In the early days of replacement windows, the sound was rarely an issue outside of the occasional bedroom that overlooked a busy street or highway. Times have certainly changed. Homeowners are in a war fighting increased noise pollution and their desire for their home to be a sanctuary and escape from… well from virtually everything! [...]

2019-03-19T13:24:54+00:00 March 15th, 2019|

Window Operating Control Device (WOCD)

When is the last time you heard a tragic story of a child falling through a window? Sadly, probably far too recently. Building codes have requirements for windows that are more than 72” (6 feet) above outside grade to have a special device called a WOCD or “Window Operating Control device”. The 72” size means [...]

2019-02-21T11:28:17+00:00 February 18th, 2019|

How to choose energy efficient windows by Energy Star

OK, this little cartoon movie from the folks at ENERGY STAR would be perfectly at home with “The Jetsons”; but don’t let the light flavor of its construction detract from its common-sense message for any homeowner who is embarking on a journey for new windows and doors. The problem for [...]

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It’s a tiny project — in size only.

“The Centre for Skills Development & Training and the Rotary Club of Oakville Trafalgar have launched its new Tiny Homes program to benefit disadvantaged communities, workers and the environment. The project — kick-started with a $10,000 donation from the Rotary Club and support from area businesses will see fully-weatherized, Canadian Standards Association (CSA) approved, all-season [...]

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Setting the Industry Standard for Service to Homeowners

This week we’ve been working on our web site and our web master went on line and grabbed some reviews at random. When the team read the reviews, while they were all very complimentary, we noted that none of the ones chosen were actually for window installations! Oh, there are lots of great reviews, because [...]

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Window Styles and Architecture

The wrong style of window for a specific architectural style can make your home look odd. At GEM we have multiple lines and style of windows and doors, with styles and options to complement any home style. In this article we will take a look at some of the more common styles of homes and [...]

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